..:: About CFS ::..

The primary function of the Customer Feedback System is to keep track of service requests, serve customer requests, break/fix incidents in Breakthrough Trading S.C HQ and all branchs. Users can enter information into Customer Feedback System, and this information is then accessible to other users. This sharing of information allows users to easily follow each other's progress, search for specific problems, and communicate with each other. Before using the CFS, you need to become acquainted with the terminology and concepts used within the System.

Notice that

We recommend that you do the following before contacting Support:
Within ITSM interface, you may review knowledgebase and consult the Help file by clicking the question mark icon . This will open a popup screen with specific explanations about the page you are currently in.

    When contacting Support, please include the following information, or have it available when calling:
  • Your service ticket number or Track ID.
  • Your name, email address and phone number.
  • Specific details about the request
  • Attachment is allowed if the case requires it